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Siaogang District Office Kaohsiung City

Siaogang District Office Kaohsiung City


    Organization Chart:
     The subsidiaries are Civil Affairs Dept., Economic Dept., Social Affairs Dept., Military Service Dept., Office of Secretariat, Accounting Office, Personnel Office and Civil Service Ethics Office. Each department is managed by one chief and one director.

    Responsibilities and Contact Information
    Civil Affairs Dept.(Tel:8152141)
     In charge of autonomous administration, election, land administration, health/hygiene, environmental hygiene, city environmental cleanup, elementary education, social education, culture, civil defense, village activities, village convention, art/sport activities, village-related administration, religious activities, welfare for aboriginal people, National Health Insurance (for the first and sixth category), dispute resolution, waste recycling treatment in southern Taiwan, and beneficiary payment for ash/landfill incinerator in Dalinpu area, waste water treatment plant in Linhai Industrial Park, Dalin plant of CPC, etc.

    Economic Dept.(Tel:8152142)
     In charge of public street vendor registration, calculation unit for industry/commerce, food supply/utilization, public engineering, street lamp repair/report, construction/maintenance for infrastructures with a height under 6m, agricultural land utilization/certification, agricultural tools utilization/certification, no-farm-house certification, subsidy from Taiwan Power Company, as well as beneficiary payment for Kaohsiung Airport and Fengshan reservoir.

    Social Welfare Dept.(Tel:8152143)
    In charge of providing living allowances for low-income families, issuance of low-income certification, arrangement for low-income residents moving into the Ren-ai Senior Citizens’ Home or nursing homes for a long-term stays on the city government’s expense, issuance of free transportation tickets of city bus and vessel for the disabled/honorable senior citizens, disability qualification certification, re-issuance of manuals for the disabled, provision of living allowances for low/middle-income disabled/senior citizens, provision of living allowances for ordinary senior citizens, special living allowances for low/middle-income senior citizens, issuance of subsidy certifications for single parent families and medical subsidy certifications for low/middle-income children who are under 3 years old, emergency aids, kiosk management, subsidy for low/middle-income seriously-injured/ill citizens, labor administration, natural disaster aids, community development and other social affairs.

    Military Service Dept.(Tel:8152144)
    In charge of military service administration, training in complementary military service, recruitment, military services, reserve force management, other related matters. Services include issuance/re-issuance of certifications for complementary military service, health check certifications, health re-check certifications, recruitment extension, subsidy applications, subsidy for living allowances, military service certifications, registration of reserve force after being released from military service obligation, reserve force recruitment extension, military exemption for reserve force, issuance of military service exemption certification, application for substitute service/complementary military service due to family factors, and application for departure from Taiwan, etc.

    In charge of procurement, sub-contracting, research/development/evaluation, stamping, correspondence, archives, general affairs, cashier and matters that are not subject to other offices.

    Accounting Section(Tel:8412238)
    In charge of annual accounting reports, accounting matters, statistics, annual budget planning, budget distribution, costs auditing, editing financial statements, and supervision of financial income/expense.

    Personnel Section(Tel:8113930)
     In charge of organization, recruitment/displacement/promotion/transfer, leave/presence/absence, merit/rewards & penalties, training/education, salary/welfare, retirement/consolation payment, insurance, various subsidies, arrangement of leisure activities, and personnel information, etc.

    Civil Service Ethics Section(Tel:8113956)
     In charge of corruption prevention, ethics investigation, ethical promotion, as well as keeping confidentiality of official business and facility maintenance.